Tuesday, 5 June 2012

an ideal leader.. our prohet.. ^.^


subhanallah.. all praise to Allah for giving me some time and strength to continue posting 'something' which insyaAllah, benefits us all..

 today.. I would like to share some brilliant ideas by Dr saeed Ahmad alUwaisy from Saudi on how to be a very good leader..

first of all, i would like to stress that, each one of us, is a Leader.. a man, is a leader of the family, a woman is a leader for her house and the belongings, and etc..

these are what a good leader should have:

 1. a good leader, first should have a good VISION. he should look far beyond others. and he is responsible to bring the people towards the vision..

remember when our prophet,Muhammad hit a rock found by the sahabat during digging a 'drain' ( parit) for defence in one of the wars,perang khandak, i think, not sure ) ,there were two flashes when he hit the rock. the first one, he said 'farsi' will collapse.. and the second one, 'rome'. (correct it i were wrong).. our prohet had look far beyond others.. and the vision he told, had became reality..

 2. a leader should be an EXAMPLARY. not ordering people what to do and what not. you should do it first..

 once, our prophet asked the sahabat to tahallul (cut a litlle bit hair after performing umra or hajj), eventhough they didnt get the chance to perform umra.. but none of them do it so. it was the first time ever, they didnt obey.. so , or prophet was advised by a woman, if you want them to do it, you should do it first. then, the sahabat do the tahallul after they saw the prophet did it..

3. without LOVE and SMILE, you cant be a good leader.. our prophet gaves eveyone around him a sweet smile,, till everyone around him thought that they were the most beloved person by rasulullah.

a man then asked, O Muhammad, who do you love the most? He replied, aisya. The man said, No, who do you love the most amongst the men, and he said, her father.( abu bakr)

4. a leader should always LISTEN. listen to those who suggest.respect others' ideas. do not selfish..

everytime during war, our prophet always respect others' opinion. giving them chances to throw brilliant ideas for strategies. he appreciated what other people suggested and follow the best.               

5. always do SHOURA ( meeting) . deal with the people gently. consult them in the affairs. when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah. eventhough, the result didn't go well, but everybody would be rewarded as they practising te shoura itsel. Hey, it's sunnah.

6. a successful leader should always CARE about people who working with him. care about their problem, their need, their health, etc. always have full information about them Rasulullah always know the people who went to the war with him. he knows everyone who died (syahid) in the war.he cares everyone around him.

7. an excellent leader should be knowledgable. He knows who will do best in a certain position. no matter their age, he knows the ability and talent of the person around him.

thats all for today. it is a wonderful feeling when we shared something with others.sharing is caring. ^.^
lead yourself to the right path and never forget to ask for His guidance.

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